Reno-Related Movies

When you’re off the job, chances are you’d rather not think about work as part of your downtime. But three of these movies take a comedic spin on our daily grind. Plus one sobering documentary that might help remind you to slow things down rather than rush though a job so you can get your weekend started. Tin Men This 1987 dark comedy stars much younger versions of Richard Dreyfuss and Danny DeVito playing aluminum siding salesmen in 1960s Baltimore. The two work for rival siding companies and will do anything – legal or otherwise – to close the deal. And, of course, win the girl (played by Barbara Hershey). For a snippet, check out this profanity laced clip. The Money Pit A couple played by Tom Hank and Shelley Long by a dilapidated mansion for a song, only to discover that it may have been overpriced after all. Just…

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