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Consumer show survival guide

Setting up a booth at a consumer show can be a great way to generate business. It can also be an expensive, exhausting way to waste a weekend if you don’t prepare for it properly. Here are some tips to make your next show a success. •You’ll obviously deduct the cost of renting the booth space and any staff time or materials used to set up it, but remember to get receipts for parking, meals, and any other expenses incurred onsite. •Wear comfortable shoes – leave the sky high heels at home ladies – and change your shoes and socks at least a couple of times a day. •Drink lots of water, and use lip balm liberally. •Eat some healthy stuff. If you start your morning loading up on bacon from the breakfast buffet then spend the day topping up with chips and junk food you’ll feel lethargic by mid-afternoon. Snack…

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